It’s a blast scrolling through Haystack for design inspiration. Along the way I’ve been making a list of some of the more interesting ads. Here are a few especially creative ones I wanted to highlight:

An ad instead of an image

These listings get creative by using the image space to create a billboard instead of showing off a portfolio piece.

Pixelgrazer in Nashville, TN.

Midnet Media in Columbus, OH. Love the use of the Haystack cards in the design. Very clever!

Click-Boom in Memphis, TN.

Multiple images instead of a single image

Free Haystack listings only include one image, but these guys got creative. Nice hack. Bonus points for working around the perceived rules.

Three Square Design in Boston, MA.

Joshua Mauldin in Los Angeles, CA

Using the logo for something other than a logo

Haystack has a space for your logo, but these creative folks used the space for something else. I love it.

Item 9 Consulting in Chicago, IL went with a stylized text message.

Phil Dokas in Ann Arbor, MI dropped his face in there.

Got a favorite?

Got a favorite Haystack listing? Drop us an email at contact@haystack… and we may highlight it on our next post. And if you’ve found work or a design firm using Haystack, please let us know so we can add you to the Haystack success page. Thanks.