Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Remote
Cheshire Dave Isaacs writes:

I just got a Logitech Harmony 880 Remote for my birthday last week, and I think it’s the kind of product you’d want to promote on SvN: it’s smart and relatively simple: if you want to watch a dvd, one you press one button and it turns on the tv and sets it to the correct input, turns on the dvd player, and turns on the receiver and sets it to the right mode. And it even has a little menu that asks you if everything turned on ok and actually helps you remedy the problem if something didn’t turn on correctly. Awesome UI, and it’s a pretty little device, too. It took me only about 30 minutes to get it set up with my system, and the whole thing is handled online. It beats the crap out of every other universal remote I’ve had. I’ll never have to photocopy my remote and draw little circles and arrows for houseguests anymore.

Update: Some commenter dissent on this one…”I can handle using it but my wife hates it and threatens to throw it often when it doesn’t work.”

Go Light On My Lips lips
Go Light On My Lips is the new generation of Mascara and Lip Gloss. Our unique micro-lighted applicator gives you illumination whenever you need it with up to 10,000 lights and comes with its own mirror built into the cap…giving you the versatility to apply color in any lighting situation.”

Terrariums terrarium
A Flickr photoset of Paula Hayes’ Terrariums. [via MM]

The Heads of State
idlewild tweedy
The Heads of State is a design firm that creates groovy posters, packaging, etc.

The Douche Card
The Douche Card: “Tired of arguing with complete morons? Tired of getting into bar room brawls? Well now avoid the confrontation with our glorious Douche Card.” Related: Coudal “Shhh!” cards for noisy cell phone users.