On April 19 two new people will be joining 37signals.

Scott Upton: Designer

Scott Upton will be (re)joining us as a UI designer. Long time 37signals followers may recognize Scott’s name. Scott worked with 37signals for a few years back when we were a web design firm (before we launched Basecamp). He’s one of the best web UI designers in the business. Great writer too. We’re lucky to be able to welcome him back to 37signals. To top it all off, he’s a genuinely great person. He’s also quite a mountain climber and backcountry adventurer. Check out some of his adventures and photos at http://couloir.org.

Scott completes our design and development team. We don’t have plans to expand this group any time in the foreseeable future. We’re really happy with our crew. They’re great people. We’re proud to have them all.

Kiran Max Weber: Support

Kiran Max Weber will be joining us to head up the support/service group. Kiran’s a really sharp (and nice) guy with the background experience we need to build and maintain a world-class support team. He was a lead Mac Genius at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in NYC. He helped supervise their 100-person Mac Genius team and acted as the point of contact for customer service escalations and front line support. He also has a design background and speaks English (thankfully), German, and basic French. He’ll be working closely with Sarah and Michael to make customers happy, maintain high support standards, handle escalations, keep tabs on major issues, review and improve our customer interactions, and answer customer questions.

While our design and development group is complete, our service and support group will be expanding over time. This is the one part of our business that needs to scale with our customer base. Kiran’s going to help us 1. make the right choices along the way and 2. be the best in the business.


I hope you’ll join us in welcoming Scott and Kiran.