Re: the discussion of if/when to sell a company...

Incessantly maximizing profits and/or selling out doesn’t have to be the ultimate end goal. Sure, you want to get to a point where you’re profitable and comfortable. But then things get a bit more nuanced. Then it depends on what your priorities are.

What if you could make money, maybe not crazy numbers but still a healthy profit, selling a product that people really love? How much of a turn-on would that be to you (even if it means less profits than you’d make churning out a mediocre product)? How much would you be willing to shave off your bottom line to feel like you’re making something that genuinely makes a difference in people’s lives? How much is it worth to you to get emails from customers that tell you how much they love what you make?

Ego and pride can matter too. Can you put a price on the thrill you get from becoming a master at something and seeing the results in your efforts? What’s it worth to you to be able to proudly show your child what you work on every day? How much would someone have to pay you to walk away from that?

And what if you feel like you keep getting better at what you do every day? Even masters will tell you, you never have it all figured out. You’re always learning more. Refining. Getting better. And that can be intoxicating. When you feel like you keep building a better version of what you sell, it’s tough to walk away.

There are all different kinds of currency in life. Numbers in a bank account are just one of them.