A potential new customer saw a coupon code at our site and asked us for an additional discount on Highrise.

Initial draft of a response:

I’m sorry, but we don’t offer any discounts or special pricing beyond what is published on our website. If you’d like to signup for a new paid account today, you’ll have the 30 day free trial, but we can’t offer any additional discounts on subsequent months. Sorry about this.

Seemed negative so went back to the drawing board:

We’d love to have you as a customer. I think you and the business will be very happy with Highrise. When you signup for a trial account, you automatically get 30 days free time before you’ll be charged. On top of that, if you use 37HRWEL as the coupon code, you’ll get 20% off the first month. That’s the best offer we have available right now.

I hope you guys will come on board. Have a great day.

Says about the same thing without the sorrys and nos. 1st way: sorry, don’t, can’t, sorry. 2nd way: love, very happy, free time, on top, best offer, hope, great day. Tone makes all the difference in the world. Which way would you rather buy from?