Your Price “Your Price” is the optimal price after factoring in contractual (i.e. equipment discount), business and consumer pricing based on a one or two-year service agreement. This price is independent of eligibility requirements.

With Discount “With Discount” is the discounted amount given should you meet eligibility requirements.

Promotional Discount ($ displayed) This is the discounted price available for the device should you meet eligibility requirements.

No-Commitment Price The no-commitment price is the price you will pay for a phone/device without a service commitment. No contract extensions are required for existing customers, and buying a device at the no-commitment price does not affect your future upgrade eligibility. When you purchase a device at the no-commitment price, you are not eligible for any phone/device discounts or rebates; however, you will continue to receive any service discount for which you qualify.

Riddle me this: Why can’t phones just have a simple price?