We just launched a redesign of the 37signals Job Board. From start to finish we spent 10 days on the project. Jamie Dihiansan designed it and Josh Peek programmed it. We love how it turned out.

We had a few goals for the redesign:

  1. A fresh coat of paint. We didn’t want to add or remove any key functionality, but we wanted to redesign the look and feel to freshen it up. Modernized, cleaner, and clearer. We also experimented with Typekit for the first time.
  2. Remove distractions and make our Job Board customers the stars. With our product logos, a big black footer, and our standard header, the old design was too much about us and not enough about the companies listing their jobs on the Job Board.
  3. A better purchasing process. We wanted to make the purchasing flow friendlier and easier to use – especially the preview step.
  4. WYSIWYG. We wanted to add WYSIWYG editing to the job description field. This gives people the tools to make their ads — especially ads with bullet lists — look nicer.
  5. A proper thank you. The old Job Board dropped people back on the home page after they posted their job. The thank you only came in the form of an email. The new design thanks them properly and gives them some helpful information and tools to promote their position.

Job listings BEFORE the redesign:

Job listings AFTER the redesign:

A job ad BEFORE the redesign:

A job ad AFTER the redesign:

Previewing an ad you’re placing BEFORE the redesign:

Previewing an ad you’re placing AFTER the redesign:

We hope you like it

You can check out the full redesign live at http://jobs.37signals.com. We hope you find the redesign improves the experience for browsing and placing jobs.