Draft, our first app for the iPad, is now available in the App Store. Draft is a straightforward, basic sketch app for the iPad with email and Campfire sharing built in. We use it every day. We hope you will too.

The backstory

When we design interfaces, we start on paper with a really rough sketch (usually with a Sharpie). The low resolution, thick-point sharpie forces us to focus on big picture ideas — the lines — instead of all the little details that just don’t matter yet.

However, when we sketch something on paper, there’s a three step process to share it with the rest of the team. First, we sketch. Then we scan. Then we either email or upload to Campfire. And since we often use huge pieces of paper, scanning is a bit of a hassle. There’s just too much overhead to share a quick sketch.

So when the iPad came out we knew we had to make a very simple sketch app that mimicked our paper and a sharpie process, but improved on the sharing part. That’s where Draft comes in.

Draft makes it very easy to quickly sketch a concept in broad strokes and share it via email or Campfire. It only comes in black with red and white ink. There’s only one pen weight meant to emulate a standard sharpie. Draft is a “just draw and share the damn thing quickly” tool. It’s not for fine art, it’s not for tinkering with colors or weights. It’s the quickest way we know how to share a quick visual idea with the rest of our crew no matter where they are.

Campfire integration makes it extra special

We work in Campfire all day long. It’s where we share, show, debate, and create. And it’s the place where most of our first drafts — our sketches — show up.

So we wanted to make sure Draft made sharing a sketch in Campfire dead simple. You draw something, click the “Share” button, you see a list of your Campfire rooms, you pick one, and a few seconds later it shows up right in the room. Now everyone else in the room can see what you drew.

It’s yours for $9.99

Draft is priced at $9.99. You can get it in the App Store today. We hope you find it useful.