Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

37signals37signals: Michael Hyatt is giving away 50 copies of REWORK on his blog: http://bit.ly/axK7rX

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: Martin Wilson’s v cool “composed” contact sheets. Every frame is like a pixel in the bigger picture. http://bit.ly/dom2KF (via @photojojo)

Sam Stephensonsstephenson: Just left the Coudal office for the last time. Going to miss working there, but our new digs are awesome.

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: All about Pantone 173 (aka Golden Gate Bridge International Orange). A color fave of mine. http://bit.ly/bLDxvH

Jason Friedjasonfried: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_misconceptions

Jason Friedjasonfried: How the Old Spice personal response videos are being made: http://bit.ly/9Wtnua

Ryan Singerrjs: “Storyboarding the Simpsons Way” – a behind-the-scenes PDF http://bit.ly/9FGR3d

uptonicuptonic: We still have so much to learn about how our bodies (and the microbes that colonize us) work: http://nyti.ms/aVkTvp

Ryan Singerrjs: “Why is the first experience on a web service always an interrogation?” – @lukew on the signup process #uiewamt

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: Unintentional philosophy from @jasonfried: “When you inject permissions, everything changes. Permissions is the complexity of everything.”

Ryan Singerrjs: “A report is fine, video is better, but nothing beats watching someone fumble through your product” – Ken Kellogg on user research #uiewamt

Jamis Buckjamis: confession: I really like the Papyrus font, and I’m sad it’s so cliche.

37signals37signals: The new 37signals Answers Leaderboard lists our most helpful customers: http://answers.37signals.com/users/leaders Thanks for helping!

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: 1:50 into this video = Michael Jordan’s return to Chicago Stadium as a Washington Wizard. Incredible ovation. http://bit.ly/bGWM1p

Ryan Singerrjs: Any hotel that doesn’t make me crawl around on the floor to plug things in immediately wins points.

Ryan Singerrjs: Keynote should have a marker tool. Seems like such a natural fit for pen tablet users. Draw on slides, annotate photos, etc.