Francesco builds beautiful bikes in New York City. Even though he’s building a bike for you, his rules rule. He’s not afraid to say no.

His about page explains what he likes and doesn’t like in a bike.

He likes bikes with…

  • No logos and stickers
  • Lugged steel
  • Skinny tubes
  • Quill stems
  • Vintage cranksets
  • Track geometry
  • Leather and wood
  • Unusual handlebars
  • Chrome forks

He doesn’t like bikes with…

  • Visible logos and stickers
  • Threadless forks
  • Clamp stems
  • MTB handlebars
  • Sponge grips
  • Fake leather saddles
  • Machined rims
  • Flip-flop wheels

He’s only going to make you a bike if your likes and dislikes align with his. There may be a couple of exception along the way, but his opinions are his business rules.

Bertelli is a great example of a company that knows where it stands. The best way to know where you stand is to figure out what you won’t do. What will you say no to? Francesco puts his no’s right out in front. It makes the experience better for everyone.

More businesses could benefit from putting their no’s right up front.