I hadn’t been in a Blockbuster for years so I found a recent trip there amusing. See, Blockbuster offers 2-day movie rentals. But the company gives you a one-week grace period too. So, in reality, you get 2 days + 1 week to return that movie at no additional cost. And if you get a 7-day rental, you actually get 14 days. The poor clerk who had to explain this setup sounded like he was trapped in an Abbott and Costello routine.

Similarly, I recently received an Amazon Reward Certificates valid for 18 months. But the certificates says it’s “valid for 18 months, followed by a 6-month grace period, after which it will expire.”

So 2 days is actually 9 days. 7 days is 14 days. And 18 months is actually 24 months. The extra time is nice, but it’s too bad people don’t just say what they mean anymore.