A few of this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

uptonic@uptonic: “XML is like violence – if it doesn’t solve your problems, you are not using enough of it.” –Nokogiri.org

Ryan Singer@rjs: A programmer at 37 just surprised us with one of the freshest UIs I’ve seen in a long while.

Jamis Buck@jamis: Called the Apple Store. “Sure we have that battery!” Walked 1 mile to Apple Store. “Battery? What?” And then it rained.

Jason Zimdars@JZ: Neat idea: dingbat fonts for web icons using font-embedding techniques. http://pictos.drewwilson.com/

Kiran Max Weber@kiranmaxweber: As expected, the @goincase Slider Case for iPhone 4 is perfect. Highly recommended. http://bit.ly/bHhm51

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: Some cool vaseline-on-the-lens shots at “Four Fun and Easy Ways to Make Your Photos Look Vintage” http://bit.ly/auQ5Jj

Ryan Singer@rjs: Summertime tip: Two shots from the Nespresso machine, sugar, ice, martini shaker, and a lowball glass. Perfect.

Sam Stephenson@sstephenson: AmEx’s customer service is worth the cost of admission. Just called about a fraudulent charge from July; they’re overnighting me a new card.

Jamis Buck@jamis: Does Rite-Aid’s “with us, it’s personal” slogan strike anyone else as vaguely sinister?

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Audi’s Haptics Team focuses on sensory experiences: http://audiworld.com/news/10/sensory

Jason Fried@jasonfried: BusinessWeek 2001: “Sorry Steve, Here’s why Apple Stores Won’t Work”: http://bit.ly/Z2uNK