The first time you hear Gary Vaynerchuk talk about how he’s going to buy the New York Jets, you’ll probably let out a chuckle. The second time you hear it, you’re still in “suure” mode. The third time, you start to believe that Gary is fucking serious. By the fourth time, you know he is.

Once that realization sinks in, it’s a new day. Here’s a guy with such an outlandish goal, given where he is today. And he believes that it’s actually going to happen. He’s actually working towards making it happen. It might have a long horizon, but every day is a tiny bit of work going into making that happen.

That’s incredibly inspiring. If Gary can think it’s okay to work towards owning the Jets, then I can surely work towards turning 37signals into a $100 million/year company. Or race the 24 hours of Le Mans and stand on the podium at the end of it.

Now something magic happens when you believe that your big goals are achievable and you make those goals public. You start thinking, plotting, and doing all the little steps that are going to take you there.

Hey, if I’m going to stand on the podium of Le Mans, I better start racing a car that’ll be similar to that and in a series that’s going there. If we’re going to turn 37signals into a $100 million/year company, we better start thinking about how we can keep more customers from canceling during their trial.

So what’s your big goal? Make it public and we’ll egg you on.