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Access your Backpack account on your iPhone with Backpocket.


Mountain Desk is a desktop application for Basecamp.

You can now work just like you would normally using Basecamp while all your changes automatically stay in sync. Furthermore unlike regular Basecamp, you can continue to work even when there is no internet connectivity. So if you are on the road, travelling by air or on a client site, the application continues to function normally and allows you to make changes and additions to your project data. As soon as mountain desk detects internet connectivity all your changes are automatically synced.”

Macworld looks at how Spootnik bridges Basecamp and OmniFocus.

Spootnik can sync Basecamp with just, say, an iPhone or iPad (no Mac version is needed as an intermediary), or with every type of Apple-made device you can throw at it. It also provides a separate Web interface for editing your OmniFocus tasks in a browser.

The Bee, online invoicing app, imports time entries from Basecamp projects.

Sure, you can pull time entries from your instance of Basecamp to create invoices in the Bee. You can also pull time entries from projects found in your client’s Basecamp instance. This is really helpful, if you are collaborating on projects as a freelancer or subcontrator. lets you record phone calls and add them to Highrise.


Summit is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that interacts with Basecamp.


This video demonstrates how Highrise is “an entirely idiot-proof and failsafe way to stay in touch.”

ARGH! You’re losing touch of who you contacted! When to follow up? Argh! Yellow post-it notes compete for space on your desk with lists of telephone numbers and business cards of people you’ve forgotten…Here’s how you use Highrise to show you who to contact when.

Keep family schedules (e.g. social planning, appointments, reminders, and important dates) straight with a shared Backpack calendar.

You can customize your logo and icons in Basecamp.

Embedding Google docs in Basecamp messages.

Case studies
FliteHaus/Triad Isotopes: “Low stress, ahead of schedule” newsletter comes off without a hitch due to Basecamp.

Agtel: Irish TV and video production company wins jobs with Highrise and keeps them on track with Basecamp. Fantasy football site uses Highrise to save time entering new prospects and managing relationships.

Urban Airship: “From Idea to Web Start-up in 21 Days” author calls Basecamp critical for managing communication.

Basecamp is how all the companies, past and present, communicate within that space. We’ve used it to plan and host events, sell vehicles used in the Chalkbot campaign during the Tour de France, and to remind each other when it’s time to get a new keg.”

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