We’ve just added four new people to our 37signals team. This brings us to 25 people which is both a little scary and also incredibly comforting. We’re growing without having to sacrifice quality. Being able to work with 25 world-class people every day really is an honor and a pleasure.

Merissa Dawson, Support

Merissa joins us from Austin, Texas. Merissa will be working with Michael, Jason, and Ann to make our support team the best in the universe. Merissa is one of those people who loves helping people with a smile. She wants to make everyone around her happy. It’s great to have her on the team. She’s in Chicago for the next couple weeks for training.

Andrea LaRowe, Assistant

We’ve been looking for months, and we’re beyond thrilled to have someone of Andrea’s caliber joining our team. Andrea will be helping everyone out with administrative tasks, research projects, basic HR, event planning, general organization, and keeping everything at the company running smoothly. Before 37signals Andrea worked as a executive assistant at a non-profit here in Chicago. She starts on February 28th.

Javan Makhmali, Programmer

Javan is based in beautiful Ann Arbor, MI. We really enjoyed getting to know him when he came to Chicago for his interview. He’s going to fit in perfectly here. Really curious guy who asks all the right questions and is focused on all the right problems. Before 37signals, Javan was a rails developer at Inkling Markets. Javan starts on March 7th.

Will Jessop, System administrator

Will has increased the European wing of 37signals to three people. He joins us from Manchester, UK and has been working with Joshua, John, and Taylor since December. He came from Engine Yard with deep knowledge of running Rails applications and we’re thrilled to have him.