Customers want to actually use a tool before giving up their info. So it’s interesting to see more and more sites letting you do the thing first and moving to collect your info later (or not bothering at all)...

Optimizely bills itself as “A/B testing you’ll actually use.” The big call to action on the home page is a field to enter your website URL.

That takes you to a page where you can start annotating your website in order to set up your A/B test.

When you click save, that’s when the site prompts you to create an account.

Give the OK
Give the OK is an online feedback and approval tool. The home page offers a big “upload your first proof” button.

The resulting page gives you a link to share with your client. And that’s when the site encourages you to sign up for an account to track further iterations.

If you want to track further design iterations and harness the true power of Give The Ok, sign up using the form below.

Then there are tools where you don’t ever need to create an account. Pastie prides itself on simplicity. (“Need to nickname, describe, set tab settings and more? You’ll have to look elsewhere. One text box, paste, done. Simple.”)

Along those lines, you hit the home page and immediately see a text box ready for your content.

Submit and it’s ready to share.

Bouncr stands between unwanted mail and your inbox so strangers never see your email address. Just enter an email at the site and you’re ready to go. No account needed.


FollowUpThen also requires no account. Just include [email protected] on an email and the site will follow up at the time specified.


Any other examples come to mind?

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