I recently purchased a bike from Mission Bicycle Company. I wanted to share a great experience I had when something went wrong. Shit happens – how companies deal with the shit is what sets apart the great ones from the other ones.

Mission Bicycle Company is based in San Francisco. I placed the order online using their easy build your bike configurator. Since I’m in Chicago, they had to ship the bike UPS.

When I received the big box, there was a 4” hole/tear in the side. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but after I finished removing all of the well-packed packaging around the bike frame itself, I noticed a large and deep gash in the paint all the way down to the metal down tube. The tear in the box lined up with the gash on the bike. The bike was clearly damaged in shipping.

I sent an email to Mission with some pictures of the box and the damage and asked them what to do next. They wrote back quickly and asked me to give them a day to think about how best to handle the situation.

The next day I got an email from them. They said sending the whole bike back would be overkill since the only thing that was damaged was the frame. Further, the bike was ridable – it was just a paint problem – so sending the bike back would mean I didn’t have a bike for a week or so. They didn’t feel good about that.

So here’s what they did: They called up a local shop (On The Route) and arranged to ship a new frame to them. Then one of their bike techs would drive down to my office and swap the frames and reassemble the bike for me while I waited. All of this at Mission’s expense.

They went above and beyond and took care of the problem with virtually no disruption or inconvenience on my end. That’s incredible customer service. I’m a happy customer for life. If you’re in the market for a great custom bike, check out the good people and products at Mission Bicycle Company.