On October 10th we’ll be welcoming Jonas Downey as the fifth full-time designer at 37signals. Jonas comes to us by way of the Argonne National Laboratory where he was one of the principal designers of their web sites/apps. Jonas will join Craig, Jamie, Scott, and Jason Z in crafting the visual design of our apps and marketing sites.

Jonas, who applied once before but didn’t make the cut, came back strong and determined the next time we posted a designer position. He stuck with it, took our feedback, got better, showed us what he’s been up to since we last talked, and made a strong case for reconsideration. Here’s his second-time-around job application site.

Besides solid design chops, Jonas impressed us with his intelligence, his curiosity, his writing ability, his experience wearing a lot of hats, and his interest in exploring ideas and building stuff.

We’re excited to have him on the team.