Fast Company just put out a list of the 50 most influential designers in America. The eight-category list includes interactive, fashion, architecture, etc.

10 of the 50 are in the interactive category. Out of Fast Company’s 10 most influential interactive designers in the world, eight of them are on the east coast, and seven of them are based in New York.

  1. Ji Lee lives in New York
  2. Joe Rospars is based in New York and DC
  3. Robert Wong lives in New York
  4. Khoi Vinh lives in New York
  5. John Maeda lives in Providence
  6. Nicholas Felton lives in New York
  7. Jake Barton lives in New York
  8. Lisa Strausfeld lives in New York

Fast Company is based in New York. This east-coast bias feels a little echo chamber-y and lazy. There are influential designers all over the country.