Last year, we suffered a number of service outages due to network problems upstream. In the past 9 months we have diligently worked to install service from additional providers and expand both our redundancy and capacity. This week we turned up our third Internet provider, accomplishing our goals of circuit diversity, latency reduction and increased network capacity.

We now have service from Server Central / Nlayer Networks, Internap and Level 3 Communications. Our total network capacity is in excess of 1.5 gigabits per second, while our mean customer facing bandwidth utilization is between 500 megabits and 1 gigabit. In addition, we’ve deployed two Cisco ASR 1001 routers which aggregate our circuits and allow us to announce our /24 netblock (our own IP address space) via each provider.

Keeping Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire available to you at all times is our top priority, and we’re always looking for ways to increase redundancy and service performance. This setup has prevented at least 4 significant upstream network issues from becoming customer impacting… which we can all agree is great!