Remember when you accidentally deleted that master to-do list in your Basecamp project? Or when Bob thought he was looking at the old Sales project and deleted the new one by mistake?

These things happen, and they definitely used to ruin your day. We felt your pain as well, since these things quickly found their way into our support queue. But Basecamp now sports a spiffy new way to recover things that you (or anyone else on your account) deleted recently.

Recovering a deleted project

If it is a project that was deleted, any of your admins will see a new link on the sidebar of the dashboard:

Clicking that link will take them to a page showing all recently deleted projects, including when they were deleted, and who deleted them:

To recover any of those projects, simply click the corresponding “restore” link, and you’ll be back in business!

Recovering a deleted data within a project

Similarly, within any project, there is a link at the bottom of each page visible to any admin:

Following that link will take you to a page listing all data recently deleted from that project, again with when it was deleted and who deleted it:

Clicking the restore link there will let you recover any of that data as well.

The deleted data is only retained for a short time (no more than 30 days). Hopefully this will reduce heartburn when someone accidentally deletes that crucial message or mock up!