In 2011

  • Our support team responded to 100,000 cases
  • Our syslog server logged an average of 1,500,000,000+ messages each day
  • Our solr indexer processed 428,000,000 indexing requests for Highrise alone
  • We hit our 100,000,000th person/company creation in Highrise
  • And a Basecamp user uploaded the 100,000,000th file (It was a picture of a cat!)

In the first 10 business days of 2012

  • We stored 100,000,000 unique statsd measurements
  • Our syslog server logged over 20,000,000,000 messages
  • Our applications sent more than 2,000 email notifications per minute
  • And Basecamp accepted an average of 75,000 file uploads from users per day

Interested in numbers other than revenue and profit? Leave a comment and we (mostly Noah) will dig them up for a future post.