Josh Charles writes:

I visited the Guinness website this morning, and was pleased to see how they are using their country selection box. Some websites usually only move the U.S. or perhaps a few additional ones to the top. I wonder if there was some marketing data that went into this decision?

What the Font?

Mark Ott writes:

When matching fonts for an unknown font, “WhatTheFont?” has a nice liittle feature that makes your image stay put while you scroll so you can compare it easily with the results. Nicely done.


Sebastian Hirsch writes:

I like part of the privacy settings on Facebook: Very effective on what it does and doesn’t do. There was bit of a row when the news feed was rolled out, but I think this screen is a great answer to users’ privacy concerns. Too bad that it just came as an afterthought.

True, Facebook had to do something to respond to its pissed off customers. But this kind of preference-mania is overkill. Too many indecipherable icons. Too many options. (From Getting Real: “For customers, preference screens with an endless amount of options are a headache, not a blessing.”) How about just an on/off switch and be done with it?

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