Today we announced a brand new feature in the all new Basecamp called “Everything”.

Everything lets you see all the discussions, to-dos, files, text docs, and forwarded emails across all your projects on a single page.

It’s especially useful for those times when you know a file was uploaded, or a discussion was going on, but you don’t remember which project it was in.

Now you can just go to Everything, click “See every single file”, and now you can see all the files across all your projects in your entire Basecamp account on a single page. Huge time saver.

How the design came together

Here’s a link to the discussion where we discussed the design. You’ll see a variety of directions, feedback, revisions, more feedback, and then the final batch of ideas from which we picked the winner.

A quick decision

Here we made a quick decision regarding how this feature impacted the navigation.

Some debate

Here’s a thread where Ryan, David, and I are discussing where to include project names. There were some different opinions, we ended up trying the design without the project names, but in the end their absence was too much, so we added them back in.

The internal announcement

When the feature was done, David made the formal announcement to the whole company so everyone know what was coming.

Browse the whole project

Here’s a link to the whole project. Is yours to browse.

We hope you’re enjoying these backstage looks at how we use Basecamp to design and develop Basecamp. More soon!