This is the final preview before we launch Highrise. In this preview we’ll talk about Cases.

What are cases
Cases help you keep related notes, files, images, and people together on one screen. You can add notes directly on a case or attach a note you’ve entered on a person page to a case.

Attaching a note to a case
When you enter a note on a person page you are given the option to also attach it to a case. The note will then appear on the person’s page and also on the case page.

That note is now added to the case:

The Case
Here’s what a case might look like:

If a note is attached to a person and a case the person is also listed in the sidebar of the case. This allows you to see who’s part of the case.

When would you use a case?
Cases are really helpful when you have to keep related communications together from multiple people. For example, if you are working on setting up health insurance for your company you may keep healthcare-related communications from your insurance salesperson, payroll company, and accountant together in a case called “Health Care Communications.” The flexibility is fit for almost anything when multiple people or companies are involved in/about something together.

Fun with cases
Imagine if Hillary Clinton and John McCain were using Highrise. Now imagine they each made a case to keep ideas and communications about the candidates from the opposite party. Here’s what it might look like.

Hillary’s case on the Republican candidates…

John’s case on the Democratic candidates…

Launch around the corner
Assuming everything is on track, launch is right around the corner. Stay tuned. Hundreds of golden tickets will be going out this weekend as well. If you want to sign up for a change to get one, get your email address on the announcement list.