To help expand support hours and keep an eye on Will, we hired a few fellows from Manchester, UK to join the support team at 37signals. They’re not invading, but they do work whilst the US-based team slumbers.
You might have already noticed Jim Mackenzie’s picture on Smiley, because he joined us this past July, when we first advertised for a GMT-based support position. He impressed us with his application and has been an excellent addition to the team. He’s been a great help to us as we’ve been expanding our support hours.
Jim gave us such a favorable impression of Manchester that we had no qualms about picking another Mancunian when we went looking for a second European support teamer. Chris Joyce started a few weeks ago, and he’s been a great fit. He has a similar background to Jim and sent us a super application and writing samples. Chris has spent the past two weeks training in Chicago with the team and is already doing a cracking job.
Please help us welcome Jim Mackenzie and Chris Joyce to the team!