The legendary Homaro Cantu of Moto restaurant in Chicago talks about his plans for edible advertising and “multitools” like pans that can change shape. He covers sustainability, how we need to think differently about food as the population balloons, the difference between organic and local, and more.

He also discusses patents (he patents a lot of his food inventions) and later open-sourcing these patents:

Yes. I’m very big on open-source and that’s a contradiction for me, because I patent everything. But why do I patent everything? Because I want to be first to market. Most importantly, I want to take those patents one day and make them open-source.

He also talks about the benefits of their paperless kitchen:

Right now, downstairs my cooks are looking at a giant 60-inch screen projection and they follow their prep lists on this. We don’t use paper. And when they’re done, it knocks those things off the prep list. It can also speak with dishwashers who might not speak English.

Next time you’re in Chicago get a reservation at Moto. It’s fascinating, educational, experimental, multi-dimensional, mind-expanding, and most of all, really fucking tasty.

Moto is the best dining experience I’ve ever had by a factor of 10x. If you can swing it go for the 20 course Grand Tasting Menu and you might even get to don a pair of laser-proof safety goggles for a trip into the kitchen. And don’t forget to ask the bartender for a Bacon Martini.