We’ve been running our job board since 2006 and connected thousands of talented people with great jobs. It’s been a great place for people who got the ethos of REWORK to find like-minded individuals. More than 100 positions are currently listed.

It’s been a great run, but it’s time for something new. As a company, we’re obviously big supporters of working remotely. We’ve been doing so for the last decade. 75% of our people are working remotely. We just wrote a new book, REMOTE: Office Not Required, about the why and how. Now we want to help highlight forward-looking companies who’ve decided that they too could benefit from the best talent regardless of where they live.

WeWorkRemotely.com is our brand new job board, reserved exclusively for remote job listings. We’re making it completely free to post for the first 24 hours! After that, the 30-day rate is going to be half of what it was on our old job board, just $200.

The traditional you-must-commute-to-our-office job situation has plenty of outlets. Here’s an outlet for those who go beyond that. Enjoy!