Today we launch the new(ish) Signal vs. Noise. Well, it’s not all that new on your end, but it’s all new on our end.

We’ve been using Movable Type since the early days. But thousands of posts and tens of thousands of comments later, it’s just gotten a little too slow for us. If you’ve tried to post a comment anytime in the past year you’ve noticed it may take up to a minute or more for that comment to be saved. That really took the fun out of commenting.

So we went off and built our own little blog engine that could. It’s not a product we’re going to sell or share, it’s just something we put together for our own use. Now SvN is blazing fast again. Eventually it will allow us to do a few more things around here we’ve been thinking about doing but didn’t have the software to do it. And in the spirit of our camping product names, internally we call this software Blog Cabin.

We decided not to copy over all the old posts to the new system. It was messy and there were weird formatting issues that just weren’t worth dealing with. You can still get to the old posts, and you can of course search for them in the sidebar as well. They’re all still there in static HTML.

So here we go. We hope you enjoy the speed of the new system. And as time goes on we hope you like some of the new things you’ll see around here.