eBay ebay to gmail Shane Pinnell writes: “As with most sites, eBay requires a valid e-mail address, but what eBay does a little differently is that when you reach the page that says ‘Please check your e-mail for verification’ they actually provide a button that opens up your email, assuming that is that you use a web based e-mail client like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc…Very nice!”

Berkshire Hathaway berkshire Scott Meade writes: “A company like Berkshire Hathaway clearly does not have to rely on its website to attract investors and instead spends their energy on tasks providing true ROI. Not fun, exciting, enticing or interesting. Is efficient (e.g. no wasted words, full of content, empty of noise).”

Apple universal_access Angela Welchel writes “Apple’s system preference pane for Universal Access: takes into account the probability that users needing assistance seeing information on the screen would most likely appreciate larger, bolder text on that pref panel. Considerate.”

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