A recent visit to the Apple campus left me with many impressions. The strongest one was that Apple works hard on getting their message in.

Getting the message out to consumers is something a lot of companies spend millions on, but getting the message in to employees isn’t something I see as often. At least not as seriously Apple seems to take it.

Apple sells Apple to its employees as strongly as it sells Apple to its customers.

The entranceway is flanked by huge 3 story banners (iPod Nano banners when I was there). Their hallways are lined with Apple marketing messages and materials. Every time you go to work you are reminded of the products you ship. In big huge looming living color. I was impressed.

Getting the message in is about feeding the culture. It’s about making people proud of the work working on. I think it’s an important lesson for anyone building a team. Getting the message in is as important as getting the message out.