In 2010, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson wrote a business book called REWORK. Since then REWORK has become a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and bestseller. It goes against what every other business book is about. On top of that, it’s a quick read and it has pictures!
Those pictures were illustrated beautifully by Mike Rohde. We keep hearing from fans: “I love the art! Can I buy it?” So we partnered with the folks at StickerMule to offer some of the art as stickers.

We’re offering this initial batch of REWORK art to start. In the coming weeks I’ll be adding more. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

We want everyone who wants a REWORK sticker (or 20 of them) to get one, so we tried to set the price as low as possible. Each sticker is $3.14 or $2.79 depending on which ones you choose. The price completely covers StickerMule’s production and shipping costs. We’re not making anything off of these stickers.

We’re glad to finally get Mike Rohde’s REWORK art into your hands. Stick all the things!

Thanks again to Mike Rohde and Anthony at StickerMule.