Jason and I have now done 18 live chats we've published on YouTube and SoundCloud and we still like each other! :) Just to be transparent, it hasn't been a piece of cake. It's a whole new environment for us to figure out. Not just how to get subscribers. But things like picking topics. Staying interesting. Even things like lighting. Barking dogs. Poor internet connections. Sleeping in-laws. But it's a constant reminder how much work goes into any product. There's always a new challenge or opportunity to learn to get better. It's never done. It's a "Work in Progress". And waiting for perfect is a sure way to fail to get anywhere. Here are some of my favorites of the episodes we've done so far:

In-Laws: The time Jason and I both had to work around our in-laws to film an episode – his mother-in-law was sleeping, and I had to film in my wife's childhood bedroom:


Oops: How Basecamp lost a bunch of money redesigning their homepage and what they did about it:


Late Night: A light night chat about a lot of topics: how something like design can impact the quality of work people create using your product.


Beat the competition: And here's a recent favorite of mine where we dig into how to make a product that's different from everyone else. How can we come up with features that no one else is doing.

Hope you've been getting something from them; we definitely have.

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