Recent posts at the newly launched 37signals Product Blog:

Instrument and Wieden+Kennedy use Basecamp to launch new WK site
Instrument and global ad agency Wieden+Kennedy recently used Basecamp to collaborate on W+K’s new site.
10‭ ‬Ways to Be Productive with Backpack
Web Worker Daily just published 10 ways to be productive with Backpack.
Twitter, Campfire, and the power of persistent real-time chat amoung groups
The reason Twitter works is very similar to the reason Campfire works: Power is unleashed when you bring a simple UI to persistent real-time chat among groups.
Using Highrise to maintain meaningful relationships
Youth worker Josh Cook has a bunch of tips that are good idea starters for anyone who uses Highrise.
Add tasks quickly to Highrise via Quicksilver offers Quicksilver addicts two scripts that integrate with Highrise.
Backpack one of PC World’s 100 Best Products of 2007
PC World lists the 100 Best Products of 2007 and Backpack comes in at #66. We’re thrilled to be included.
bcToolkit generates time and project reports for Basecamp
KMP Interactive Marketing & Technology built bcToolkit, a tool to generate reports using the Basecamp API.
A couple of useful Backpack Add-ons for Firefox
The Backpack Pages add-on allows you to click a button in Firefox to reveal all your Backpack pages in a pulldown menu. Backpack Publish allows you to highlight text in your browser and click the Backpack Publish button to post the selected text to a Backpack Note, Todo List Item, or Reminder.
Project Recon gives Windows users browserless access to Basecamp projects and time
Project Recon is a widget for Windows XP that gives you convenient access to your Basecamp projects and time.
How Erik Mallinson uses 37signals products to get things done
Erik Mallinson has written a 4 part series on how he uses our products to get things done. Part one starts off with Backpack, part two covers Basecamp, part three goes for Highrise, and he wraps it all up in part four.