Coudal Partners
Coudal Partners is a design, advertising and interactive studio in Chicago. From corporate identity design to new business concepts to creative publishing, Coudal has pioneered the model of a modern design agency.


Michele Seiler shares how they use Basecamp to manage up to 100 client projects at a time.

Threadless is an ongoing tee shirt design competition and retail site that sells 90,000 funky shirts every month. The site’s community is thriving with over 300,000 people signed up to score designs.


Jake Nickell, CEO, and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Chief Creative Officer, explain how Basecamp has increased productivity at Threadless.

OrganizedWisdom is a health-focused, social-networking site that enables consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, and health organizations to collaborate on thousands of health topics.


Steven Krein, CEO, and Unity Stoakes, President, explain how Basecamp helps them spend more time executing and less time managing.

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