Best Cellars

Best Cellars tries to demystify the wine purchasing process with a color spectrum for wine categories.

Best Cellars classifies its wines based on their taste and style, rather than grape type or place of origin. Our selections are presented in eight distinct style categories to help you choose the right wine for any food, mood or occasion…

Why have we chosen to categorize wine by style, using words, icons and colors? Because we want to make shopping for wine as much fun as drinking it. Because we think that it encourages you to try wonderful wines that would otherwise be overlooked on your way to Bordeaux, Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Because we believe that buying wine should be a multiple-choice question (rather than an essay test) where all the answers are correct. Because you know what you like, and we know wine.

Campaign Monitor

Really nice 2 minute demo of Campaign Monitor. Editing is very pro and whole thing feels more like an infomercial than a typical software demo.

ad layout

Saw this at the other week but it’s gone now. Just a test (or a mistake) perhaps? Anyway, it’s interesting how the staggered ad layout makes the area stick out. Usually the one big strip bleeds all the ads together in a way that’s easy to ignore.