It’s a rare occurrence that I decide it’s absolutely must-have time for a new t-shirt. Come to think of it, it’s pretty rare I decide it’s must-have time for anything. Well, perhaps milk and detergent.

But most everything else I buy happens through accidental shopping. And spending two hours getting to and back from a mall is rarely a scenario that I consider worthwhile. Especially not since getting there often means getting disappointed that they didn’t have anything I wanted anyway. And it’s not just malls, but any congregation of shopping destinations clustered for accidental discovery.

So here’s what I’d like instead. I’d like for every brand in the world to get smart like Threadless. To put every product introduction on an RSS or Atom feed with big, beautiful pictures, and a straight link to BUY. Just like Threadless’ Weekly Announcements.

I’d love to be able to get a brief introduction to all new games from New pictures from any Puma Speedcat color combinations. Highlights of new taste combinations from Naked Juice. Straight from the manufacturer.

Please. Help me help you. You want my money, I want your new good stuff. Let’s make it happen, m’kay?