I’ve been listening to Bloomberg Radio a lot lately (it’s 130 on Sirius if you’ve got it). I’m really impressed.

I’ve always been a bit of a stock market/finance junky. An inordinate number of my dreams contained scrolling tickers (and I swear they were in color). That stopped a few years ago, thankfully.

I’ve seen my share of CNBC, I’ve read my share of the WSJ, and I’ve picked up financial news in a lot of other places too.

But I’ve never been as impressed with the depth, approachability, accuracy, clarity, and overall presentation of the financial news as I have been with Bloomberg Radio. They explain things clearly, they make sense of detailed and confusing topics, and the voices have a careful, pleasent calm that belies the chaos of the markets themselves.

This is good radio. If you can pull in Bloomberg Radio you should give it a listen. Even if you’re not a finance junky, you stand to learn a lot and experience real quality programming.