Over the past few months we’ve been getting requests from professors around the country inviting us to speak to their business, design, or engineering students about Getting Real.

So we’ve been thinking about putting together a 37signals Getting Real College Tour. We’d pick a dozen or so schools and put together a speaking tour over a couple months.

If you are a professor and you think you can pull together 100+ design, business, or engineering students to attend a one or two hour talk (including Q&A) on your campus, please drop us an email at svn@37signals.com.

Important Note: Since we posted this we’ve been hearing from a lot of students. It’s great to hear that you’re interested, but in order to make this work we’ll need to be contacted by professors or department heads who would be able to sanction/sponsor the event. If you’re a student please let your professor/department know you would be interested in having us speak at your school. Please ask them to get in touch with us directly. Thanks!

We look forward to hearing from you.