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The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón:

Our desire to adapt The 9/11 Report arose from the desire to render the complex accessible. After both of us struggled with the verbal labyrinth of the original report, we decided there must be a better way. Then it occurred to us (though to be precise, it occurred to Ernie Colón first) that visually adapting the information in the report—comics, the graphic medium—was the better way. We could tell the story graphically to make it more easily understood. For example: by creating a visual timeline of the four planes on that terrible day, we could tell the simultaneous happenings of that calamity more clearly than any attempt to do so using just words. What was more, we could make it more informative, more available, and, to be frank, more likely to be read in its entirety.

Here’s a Flickr photoset with photos of the book.