In a quest to clean up the inbox I’ve been unsubscribing from a bunch of lingering newsletters and merchant email alerts.

Annoying: Some big name brands (J. Crew, FTD, BestBuy, etc.) say it will take between 5-10 days to be removed from their list. During that time they can still send you emails. And they have.

I can order a shirt today and have it waiting at my door tomorrow afternoon, but it takes 10 days to remove my email address from a database? That doesn’t seem like a genuine effort.

I feel like I get emails starting the next day when I sign up for a list. But 10 days to be removed? Something isn’t right.

I realize that many of these companies outsource their mailing lists to third party providers. Perhaps they provide a list of changes to the provider once a week or something, but it sure feels like the unsubscribe process could be swifter if someone cared a tiny bit about the customer experience.