You’re probably wondering why I’m here. And so am I. The best I can hope to do is at least explain how I got here.

Some time back I was invited to play Werewolf at the 37signals/Coudal compound. Since everyone seemed intent on killing me off as soon as possible (despite the fact that I was never the werewolf) I actually spent most of the time sketching. Jason liked what I had in my book and asked if I’d be interested in posting from time to time here on SvN.

What was I supposed to say, no?

So here, a mere four months or so later, is my first post of the very squid sketch that started this whole thing. I expect I’ll be posting at odd intervals with whatever I’ve been working on, and possibly a bit of commentary on process. I hope it’s of interest.

Below the fold, the further adventures of the squid…

Here’s a more developed pencil version, that turned into…

...this screen print which, in a stunning coincidence, happens to be for sale.