Tony writes:

I was searching around OpenTable and stumbled across their page for prospective restaurateurs. They provide a quick summary and demo of what open table is and how it can benefit your restaurant. I thought this screen/graphic on their pricing page was a great way to communicate the value of their product without naming a price up front.


St. Louis Cardinals seating
Matt Galligan writes:

I was looking at getting my dad St. Louis Cardinal’s tickets for Christmas and happened upon their Seating Chart. It’s really cool, you pick where you are wanting to potentially sit, then click on the actual seat and it shows you a picture of what it will look like from that seat!



Apple survey
Brandon Kelly writes:

I was just at Apple’s support site, and a couple pages in I was invited to take a survey. I clicked ‘Yes’, but rather than being redirected or getting a big pop-up covering the active browser window, the type simply changed to what you see here (“The survey is available under your current browser window. Please wait until after you have completed your visit to take the survey.”). Talk about nonintrusive.


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