Today, February 5th, is Basecamp’s Birthday. She turns four today. Four years old. Wow. Time sure flies.

Here’s the original blog post from Feb 5, 2004 that started it all. Be sure to browse the comments — they’re especially interesting looking back. Time puts things in perspective.

From the vault, here’s the original marketing site

Here’s the original to-do section

Here’s the original milestones section

Here’s the original messages/comments section

(You’ll notice each message category had its own tab)

Here’s the original files section

Wait, there was no files section in the original Basecamp! Yup, when we launched you couldn’t upload files to Basecamp.

A great four years

Overall, we’re really happy four years later to have maintained the UI clarity, simplicity, and spirit of the original design and vision. Some sections have gotten even simpler. And yes, some sections have grown a bit too. But all in all, looking back, we’re very proud of where Basecamp started and how it’s grown.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Our incredible crew, our amazing customers, the press, the pundits, the lovers and the haters. Its been a wild ride. We’re looking forward to what’s next.

Thank you!