Dubner invites you to write a new six-word motto for the US.

Some fun ones in the comments include:

  • Still Using Fahrenheit, Feet, and Gallons.
  • Hubris: it’s not just for Greeks!
  • One Nation, Over Weight, Over Budget.
  • Our worst critics prefer to stay.
  • The world’s scapegoat except in emergencies.
  • America: Our poor own big screen TV’s.
  • No Lobbyist, No lawyer, no service.
  • We’re mostly corn. Check the label.

Need inspiration? Check out Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure:

From small sagas of bittersweet romance (“Found true love, married someone else”) to proud achievements and stinging regrets (“After Harvard, had baby with crackhead”), these terse true tales relate the diversity of human experience in tasty bite-sized pieces. From authors Jonathan Lethem and Richard Ford to comedians Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris, to ordinary folks around the world, everyone has a six-word story to tell.

Can you sum up your life so far in six words?