Yesterday we announced multiuser support is coming to Backpack. Today we want to preview two more features: Messages and the Newsroom.


While we were building Backpack Multiuser we realized that something was missing. The “watercooler” feature where people could discuss stuff going on in the office, quick projects, make announcements ala a bulletin board, etc. So we built messages into the new Backpack.

Messages make Backpack a great hub for internal discussions and conversations that are usually passed around in mass emails. Toss the email mess and post in Backpack instead.


A big part of multiuser is knowing who did what when. Who made a new page? Who added something to the calendar? Who commented on a message? Knowing these things helps you discover new content and connects you with the other people who are part of the account.

Here’s what the Newsroom looks like:

You’ll see the latest messages appear at the top of the Newsroom. At the bottom of the Newsroom you’ll see the “Latest Activity” section which lists big picture activity in the account such as new pages, new calendar items, new messages/comments, etc.

We think you’ll love the Messages and Newsroom sections coming to Backpack soon. Note: Both of these features are only available on larger multiuser plans (they really aren’t useful on two or three-user accounts). More on this in a future post.

More soon

Over the next week or so we’ll be unveiling some of the other new features coming soon to Backpack. Stay tuned.