So far we’ve sold over 23,000 copies of Getting Real in PDF format. We introduced it on March 1 of this year, so we’re pretty thrilled with the results.

But 23,000 readers isn’t enough. We want millions of people to read the book. So today we introduce two new flavors that make the content even more accessible. And, in one case, completely free.

1. The free web version. Same content, just in HTML. And it’s free for anyone to read.

2. The paperback version. Same content, just in a 190 page paperback with a glossy black cover. We’re self publishing this version through Lulu. Since Lulu takes quite a cut, we’re pricing the book at $29. If we see the volume numbers we hope we’ll see we’ll look into a cheaper publishing/printing method and bring the price down. But Lulu’s print-on-demand technology is a good first step.

3. Both of these join the PDF version which is also available in a 10-pack group license. The single copy PDF is $19 and the 10-packer is $49.

You can get to all three versions from the Getting Real site.

For those who’ve read the book already, we hope you’ve found it valuable. For those who haven’t, well, now you have no excuse ;)