Yesterday’s big Backpack update was a huge success. It was the best day in Backpack’s history — even better than the last big update in July ‘07 and add anywhere in Oct ‘07.

We usually don’t share numbers, but we thought we’d break tradition and give people a peek into Backpack’s signups, upgrades, and financial performance yesterday.

317 Upgrades

Yesterday 317 people upgraded their Backpack accounts. This includes free → paying upgrades and paying → paying upgrades. Here’s how they broke out:

  • 2 Max ($149/month)
  • 1 Premium ($99/month)
  • 12 Plus ($49/month)
  • 54 Basic ($24/month)
  • 111 Home ($12/month)
  • 137 Solo ($7/month)

61 New Pay Signups

Yesterday 61 people signed up for new paying plans. This means they selected a pay plan on the signup page. Here’s how it broke out:

  • 1 Max ($149/month)
  • 1 Premium ($99/month)
  • 13 Plus ($49/month)
  • 26 Basic ($24/month)
  • 11 Home ($12/month)
  • 9 Solo ($7/month)

We had about 200 new free signups as well, so about 30% of all signups yesterday were pay signups.

$4,131 New Net

Upgrades + pay signups – downgrades – cancellations = $4131 new net revenue for yesterday. On an annualized basis that’s about $50,000/year. We’re very happy with that number.

Thanks to all our paying customers for putting your trust in us. We hope you continue to find the new Backpack useful and valuable. We’re already finding it invaluable in keeping our own company organized (and, man, do we need it).