This is the sixth in a series of posts showing how we use Campfire as our virtual office. All screenshots from the series are from real usage and were taken during a single week.

CampfireThis time we’ll take a look at some of the miscellaneous ways we use Campfire to share information, communicate, and get things done.

Give a product review for a new piece of hardware
Mark links up his new printer/scanner and talks about its pros and cons. one week in CF

Work the late shift
Jeremy, a night owl, commits a change at 2:30 am. Everyone else will see it when they login in the morning. one week in CF

Show progress on a to-do list
Jamis shows his progress by uploading a screenshot of his “Things on my plate” list.
one week in CF

Make a point with photos
Sam uploads a comparison shot of different Apple products. one week in CF

Solicit ideas from others
Ryan offers Jason some suggestions for products that offer thoughtful integration. one week in CF

Celebrate good news
It’s a boy! Huzzahs all around for Jamis’ new son. one week in CF

Share a funny cartoon
Mark posts a funny Dilbert strip. This sort of thing gives our CF room a nice “chatting ‘round the water cooler” vibe. one week in CF

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