This is the seventh (and final) in a series of posts showing how we use Campfire as our virtual office. All screenshots from the series are from real usage and were taken during a single week.

CampfireTo wrap up the series, we’ll take a look at some of the nuts and bolts features of Campfire (e.g. search, transcripts, guests, etc.).

Search previous chat transcripts
It’s easy to search through all of your previous chats and files. one week in CF

Browse previous conversations
You can also browse transcripts to find specific conversations or files. one week in CF

See who’s talking in a transcript
Each transcript includes a sidebar that lists who spoke in the chat and any files that were uploaded. one week in CF

Set up multiple chat rooms for privacy
Multiple rooms make it easy to have a sidebar discussion without bothering others.
one week in CF

Search chats from a specific room
You can filter chat searches to a specific room too. one week in CF

Invite guests to participate in chat
The sidebar offers options for inviting guests (all they need is a link). You can also review recent file uploads too. one week in CF

And that’s a wrap for this series. You can try Campfire for free at

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